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CBD in Taiwan

The district includes Taipei 101, Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei World Trade Center, National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and various shopping malls and entertainment venues, making it the most cosmopolitan district of Taipei. Xinyi District is also considered the financial district of Taipei.



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Great Display provides traffic and impression

We are providing great experience for consumers because we have been testing the best way to engage with consumers and that's why we are including several elements into the showcase.


POP is the initiator in whole customer journey. Consumers tend to look at the POP before they view the video or even touch the products. The POP has included instruction for consumers to self-explore the product.

Demo Product

That's the soul of the display. We ensure all products are workable before we demonstrate to the consumers.


Our interactive tablets play video of the product, while consumers can input their feedback directly into tablets. Feedback will be displayed into engagement report.

Great Staff provides Quality Engagement Time

Our staff are well trained with our unique engagement method and product knowledge. They are providing consumers with welcoming atmosphere.


Product Enthusiast

Staff loves products and that's why they know the products and provide explanation.

Trained for service and demonstration

Their focus is to provide good customer service and demonstration that encourage customers to know more about the products.

New way of generate exposure and sales

Sales and Exposure Enabler

We are providing high-quality exposure to generate more sales. Other marketing method is declining with lower conversion rate. We believe we can be another wave of marketing like digital marketing.

Flexible packages

Our co-retail concept is just like Co-working space with different packages for different product suppliers. We even provide virtual retail service, so that products can provide better O2O solution and after-sales service.

O2O Enabler

Providing options for consumers is important when it comes to delivery because delivery fee is not cheap. We enable your consumers who have purchased online to pick up from our store and provide after-sales service.

Best Return on Investment: 261%


Virtual Retail Space
( USD 59/mo.)

Min. 3 Months

Co-retail - Rotating Space
​(USD 549/mo.)
Co-retail - Dedicated
​(USD 799mo.)
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After-sales Service Support x x x
Centralized Warranty Dashboard x x x
O2O Operation x x x
Discount for event space x x x
Physical Display   x x
Staff Demonstration   x x
Kiosk Display   x x
Daily Sales Report   x x
Daily Feedback Dashboard   x x
Dedicated Prime Location     x
Express On-boarding     x

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