PackChair - A Unique Travel Backpack

Multi-functional backpack

A good backpack can be the best buddy for a traveller, while a not suitable backpack can be a nightmare. The backpack that we’re introducing this time is a multi-functional backpack which can also be used as a shield and a chair. 

Taiwanese crowdfunding roject

PackChair is designed by a Taiwanese team and made in Taiwan. They’ve raised over USD$1,775,973 on the crowdfunding platform, FlyingV. Unlike those usual backpacks, PackChair is in a cube shape due to its solid metal inner structure. Even it has a layer of metal, its weight is not too heavy for a whole day wandering.   

As a chair


If you like travelling, you probably experience that moment when your legs are exhausted after walking around the city for a whole day but cannot find a single chair to sit down. This PackChair comes in handy. You can tell from its name, PackChair, this backpack can be used as a chair. As long as you can find a “quite flat” surface to place the PackChair, you can have a private chair wherever you want. 

Long queue for a table at a popular restaurant? Just sit down and be patient. Of course, make sure you won’t block other people’s way. 

As a shield

Every country has some nice area and some relatively dangerous area. 

Many famous destinations are high at risk since tourists are seen as an easy target to steal or rob. We should all stay alert and make sure we can protect ourselves, especially for sole travellers. The inner metal structure of the backpack also provides a reliable self-defence feature as it can withstand strong strikes. Hence, in any harmful situation, you can hold the top and bottom handle to use the backpack to protect yourself from attacks.