May: Coffee Series

If coffee is your blood type that you cannot live without coffee, this series may be interesting to you! Enrich your coffee life with these. 

Come to store and play around!

MINIPRESSO - Hand powered portable espresso machine

Espresso on the go. Whether you plan to go hiking, camping or stay in a hotel, Minipresso is the ideal espresso machine to slide into your bag or backpack.

Tetra Drip - A flat coffee dripper that fits in a pocket.

Simple to assemble anytime, anywhere, the Tetra Drip Pocket Coffee Dripper folds into a stunningly designed drip filter for fresh, top quality coffee when you’re far from home.

Cafflano® Klassic

Cafflano® Klassic is the world’s first portable pour-over coffee maker reflecting an intuitive and epoch-making all-in-one design. It can stimulate and boost up the sales of coffee beans as we address to enjoy specialty coffee everywhere with Cafflano® Klassic; home, office, school, car, outdoor, and etc.

The Oomph | Portable Coffee Maker

Created by a desire to always have an amazing cup of coffee, The Oomph is a simple to use coffee maker insulated by an air barrier that keeps your brewed coffee at the perfect temperature. It uses your movement to stir – ensuring for a great cup of coffee from the first to last sip.

GOAT STORY: Bringing style to coffee drinking

Goat story and shepherd's legacy inspired to design something original, different and sustainable.

Stojo | The Collapsible Pocket Cup

Stojo is a leak-proof collapsible coffee cup that fits in your pocket. The portable cup is made from recyclable materials and is easy to clean!