Interaction should not be limited to between staff and customer

One of the missions of Backers - interaction

The concept of Backers Experience is to provide a place for interactions. 

Online shopping is undoubtedly popular in nowadays society. However, many great products with great concept and magnificent design still have difficulty in gaining trust from consumers and trigger their desire to purchase online. From operating our online shop, we learnt that the concerns of many customers when they discover an interesting product is not the price or whether we have the stock, but whether they can find that product offline.

It is not easy for a customer to suddenly trust a new brand in a short period of time. In spite of an international well-known smartphone brand, many of us would still prefer to visit the store to try out the phone and make enquiries before making the purchase decision. 

This whole customer journey, from getting to know the brand to purchase, is involved a lot of interaction points. Each of them has a huge impact on customer perception of the brand and opinion on the product.  

You might think that those interactions can be done through technologies, but those are virtual interactions only. 

It is important for us to understand that our customers are not machines, but human. Hence, in Backers Experience, we interact with them by providing sight, sound, touch, smell, and even taste experience. The interactions we focus on are not limited to between staff and customer, but also between product and customer and customers one and other. These are not possible to be done in the virtual world, yet.   

Product Experience Event brings support from customers 

From time to time, Backers Experience collaborate with brands to organise Product Experience Event to introduce a new product to our customers. Meanwhile, it is a great chance for brands to get feedback and understand the needs of their potential customers. Most importantly, they can get to know the shortcomings of their brand and products. 

We have worked with many brands in our store located in Xinyi Eslite, Taipei. For example, ROLLS and Capsulier, have successfully delivered the sensory interactive experience. After the experience event and 1-week experience showcase in our store, ROLLS has raised over NT$1M more on the crowdfunding platform - Zec Zec.

Apart from the experience event, Backers Experience also provides retail service for brands. The concept is to allow customers to experience product features and understand the unique concepts of the brands. We try to help the startup brands and those brands with a limited budget to get a chance to do promotion offline and have an offline selling point for interactions. 

How to join us?

If you're willing to introduce your product to the market or you'd like to collect some honest feedback, feel free to contact us and see how our Experience Team can help you. No matter your product is in the prototype stage, manufacturing, or already selling in the market, we are excited to help you. Let's bring your innovative design and concept to our life together.

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