Controlled Retail as a service at Premium Locations.

Prime Location

We are located at the heart of departure hall near Singapore Airline, Virgins and Emirates' check-in counter.


Exhibitions Happening
during Showcase


Opening Hours Everyday


Historical Daily Traffic


Airlines' Check-in Counters

Co-Retail Space

With only one product is hard to own a showcase. With our community, Creators can enter to Prime location without renovation set-up fee and training.

Customer Analytics

We love transparency. Our tablet and experience specialist will capture customer feedback. You can check customer feedback, sales and inventory anytime!

Online Merge Offline

Our offline space will allow you to integrate your online marketing strategy.

Physical Experience and Support Enabled

For each product, we provide a tablet and POP to demonstrate the value of the products, which provides more fruitful experience for consumers and B2B customers. Even better, if you product has app, it will be integrated into tablet. We also provide an consumer feedback tool for consumers to provide feedback.

B2B and B2C Enabled

The showcase is like no other retailers. We also serve B2B consumers. Our well-trained staff will demonstrate and help connect you with potential B2B customer. And B2C consumers can also purchase your product and most of the sales can compensate your subscription fee.

Featured Products from

Virtual Retail Space
(usd 59 up)
Co-retail (Hot desk)
​(usd 799 up)
Co-retail - Dedicated
​(usd 1099 up)
  Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe
After-sales Service Support x x x
Centralized Warranty Dashboard x x x
O2O Operation x x x
Discount for event space x x x
Physical Display   x x
Staff Demonstration   x x
Kiosk Display   x x
Daily Sales Report   x x
Daily Feedback Dashboard   x x
Dedicated Prime Location     x
Express On-boarding     x

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