Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need offline showcase?

We keep hearing from creators telling us the online promotion is getting less and less efficient, while what has been paid for doesn't yield much result.

One observation we have is physical showcase does increase your customer engagement and high conversion rate. There's also increased effectiveness using offline showcase for direct-to-consumer as well as business-to-business engagement.

What do I get from the showcase?

  • Hands-on product experience
  • Product display with POP, tablet for your product's video, product sample management
  • Customer education
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Strong customer engagement
  • Media exposures
  • Another chance to engage overseas buyers before they fly out of the exhibitions
  • Potential extra business opportunities with B2B enquiry management
  • Partnering with a global distribution platform allowing you to connect even more retailers
  • Staff training for product demonstration
  • Monthly sales report for B2C sales
  • You'll be entitled to a creator-day if you wish to come over to be at our store and meet your customer in person!

Don't be overwhelmed by so many benefits you get :)

How will my product being displayed?

It depends on product categories. Generally speaking, it will be displayed with our standard Product POP and tablet for feature demonstration within 30 x 30 cm.

Where is the new retail showcase exactly?

It's located at Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1.


What is the marketing plan?

We will have these marketing channels:

  • Social media marketing
  • Press release to media
  • Promotion at other physical store
  • Exhibition marketing
  • Cross-promotion with third party like Birdie


What is the contracting process?

We run a flat and open model - all our plans are transparent and creators can choose from one that best fit their need. There is no need to negotiate on terms to save time on both sides to focus on the show case.

Once the creator has confirmed participation, following sequence of events will take place:

  • Signing of contract on our online contracting platform
  • Invoice will be issued for payment
  • Once payment is settled, follow the instructions for logistics arrangement to send us product samples and inventory
  • On-board the product on our partnering product distribution platform Luna2 to provide us your product information as much as you can

Usually your product will be successfully onboarded / showcased within 7 days the product samples and inventories are received.

Sales and engagement reports can be checked online via Luna2

What is the financial arrangement?

Financial arrangement is rather straight forward. We take a flat (and low!) commission rate to cover our expenses on cash handling, credit card charges, rents, staff training and incentives.

Sales report can be checked online any time. We will issue a monthly sales report at the end of the month. Once you confirmed the sales report, we will issue the payment to your nominated bank account within 14 business days. You will bear on any paypal / bank charges or intermediate financial institutions.

What is the logistics arrangement?

To make sure we provide a better customer experience and staff training, please deliver products to our showcase 14 days in advance before the showcase starts.

What's next after the showcase?

Our partnering platform, Luna2, is a global matching platform allowing a product creator / supplier to identifier channels that best match to your products. Once on boarded the Hong Kong Airport showcase, your product will be entitled to a 3-month subscription waiver. Check it out!

Okay, very attractive, how could I join?

Fill in the form above and one of our product gurus will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Still have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to hit the chatbox on the right ==>

or schedule a call with one of our product experience gurus.