First Solar Powered Watch by Robin & Leon

Summer is coming and solar power-related products is becoming  common and common. Two young entrepreneurs challenged themselves and designed first solar power watch. Even more, they are using recycling wood material to make it more environmental-friendly. 

Below is the interview with them and please support their on-going Kickstarter campaign:

What is your project?

Our project is using abandoned material and we up-cycled it into premium products. In this project, I have designed a solar powered movement wooden watch, case and strap which are made from recycled wood collected in Hong Kong.

Their Kickstarter campaign:

Why did you create Solar Powered Watch?

I found Hong Kong does not have a very good habit of reducing waste and make full use of natural resource, it is quite sad to see a developed city like Hong Kong, demolishes old buildings and general lots of wasted material. Therefore I would like to try using these abandoned material and making it into something we are familiar with, a nice watch.

Why kickstarter?

The concept is great, combining wood and it will very difficult to promote it via standard watch retail shops or other retail channels. Given crowdfrunding platform is one of the perfect ways to provide creative ideas and concepts, we decided to give it a try on kickstarter, hoping we can get support and fundings from global audiences.

Heard that you working with Woodrite, who are they? Why?

I met WOODRITE last year, and they have been using wooden floorboards from abandoned sites and making them into furnitures, that sparks my mind, and start brainstorming designing a watch from these woods. Wood watches on the market are generally made from harvest wood, this is completely against helping the nature environment, some projects claims to plant trees after purchasing a watch, even so the visibility is quite low.

More to it, trees takes years to grow, and from what i have witnessed in china, manufacturer create much more waste than helping the environment. Therefore, I chose to work the other way around, using abandoned woods provided by a trustworthy social enterprise.

In this case, we have secured our wood supply is legit, its not harvested wood from tree cutters, but materials that are originally going to trashland, but we bringing it back to live, and become a premium product

What were the difficulties?

Wood is a completely different story, wooden watches is not generally found in the market like steel and plastic watches. we have basically 0 knowledges and experience processing wood. We did lots of work in modifying leon's design, if the structure is too thin, wood will crack and deform, too thick will affect the appearance.

Sweat and water damages are very common, especially with wooden watches. Strap and case will crack, and if sweat and water gets into the interior, it will damage the movement, and malfunction. Good thing is we learrn something new everyday, i spent so much time studying wood characteristics, and how to process them.

I have learnt a technique from overseas craftsmen, which improves outdoor garden wooden furnitures tolerance to water damage and applying in to our watch.

Support them!

Their project is now on Kickstarter! Come Backers to play around and support them through Kickstarter.