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Good products usually are made because the creators want to solve their daily problems. Have you ever tried to ride a bike and your bag fall off from back, and then your computer got broken when it hit the floor? This is the reason why Gustaf, a Swedish creator who have lived in Hong Kong for over 5 years,  designed this bag. Know more about the story behind from a short interview we have!

In your own word, what your product / project do?

We, Casten Design is a Scandinavian design company, from Stockholm and based in Hong Kong. Our passion is to create sustainable useful everyday products with great innovative design.


Vandra Backpack – Swedish, Safe and Smart is created specifically to act as a personal assistant in your everyday life. Vandra keeps your gear neatly organized separating office gadgets from your sports gears, easy to convert from traditional Backpack to a Sling Backpack, convenient external USB port for your smartphone. Vandra keep your belongings safe while travelling or when you leave your bag in a public place. Altogether, Vandra has 15 smart features that you would like to have in a smart travel backpack. Vandra has a modern and timeless Scandinavian design, created for active professionals, man or woman alike.

Why do you chose Hong Kong to start your business?

I moved to Hong Kong in 2009 when I started my company Casten Limited, Me, my wife and our daughter loves Hong Kong, the energy, the people, the hiking trails all in one place. Today our life is in Hong Kong, my wife is working full time as accountant, our daughter is growing up with her friends in Sai Kung and I am working full time at Casten Design being an active member in several business networks such as Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Business Sweden and entrepreneur networks such as The Hive, Paperclip & Metta.

Why did you create your product?

I always been interested in Fashion design, when I grow up I used to design my own clothes spending nights and evenings at the drawing table and the sewing machine. When I got older, I worked as a model for local fashion companies in Stockholm with a burning interest of functional fashion design.


I always been active, and I enjoy spending time walking or bicycling around Stockholm. The Swedish word Vandra means a strong desire for travel and explore the world. One day when I was commuting to office on my bicycle, I fell of the bike and landed on the ground. I was OK but when I landed my backpack hit the ground and when I opened the bag my laptop with all my documents were broken, after this incident I was determined to create a better backpack.

What was your difficulty when doing your project?

I love running my own company, running a startup, but it is not easy. There are many things to learn and do every day. In my opinion life is a long learning, I like to read, news, articles and books. I read Lean Start-Up and I read a lot about Agile Management where you test your ideas and products early in the development process.


I started with samples of Vandra, you would probably laugh if you see some of our first samples, each sample we presented to friends and family, to as many as we could to get feedback and improve our product. Once we passed by friends and families comments and input we launched a campaign on Kickstarter, we were worried but already first days of campaign we got 70% funded and we felt we got on something, a product that worked.

How do you describe your product in 3 adjectives?

Swedish, Safe and Smart

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