Backers Concept

As an active crowdfunding project supporter, our founders witnessed a lot of brilliant innovative ideas fail since many backers only support the projects with the developed product. Backers Experience was founded in 2015 to help those projects to reach the mass market. Instead of showing pictures, videos, and write a long article to explain the products, Backers Experience invites consumers to experience the products. At Backers Experience, you are in an innovative ever-changing playground for modern consumers. We bring in new products regularly to keep you up-to-date with inventions from all over the world. If you are already bored with the big chain stores, come find us. We can experience innovation together.   

The Top 50 Innovative Retail Leaders in Hong Kong

Experience Retail

Customers don't want to just walk into a shop, buy the product and leave because they could do this online without the effort of getting out our their home. Backers Experience create an immersive retail experience to fulfil this need. We drive people into our stores and ensure they leave not just with our products but also fun and unique memories. 


Interact With Creator's Community

We have started helping crowdfunding products to launch their campaign through our physical showcase for 2.5 years. We now also work with other projects from all around the world since good products are not only limited to Kickstarter or Indiegogo. We are now providing an alternative way for creators to expand their markets, such as events, other than online marketing or exhibition.

Potential Crowdfunding Projects And Partners

We are the potential partners of any crowdfunding campaign or products that have finished fundraising from Kickstarter / Indiegogo, or other crowdfunding platforms.

We can help with:

- Redemption events

- Physical display for live funding

- Warranty service centre

We Are Friends with Market-Ready Products

We help products that have already been available for the public to grow faster.

We offer:

- Physical display for sales and marketing.

- Product demonstration by staffs and technology.

- B2B matching.

Your Comments Help The Product Improvement

We collect data for every product in our stores. By providing the prediction of trends and sales, products can grow faster and save costs.

New Products